The differences between each mattress may seem minute and simply preference-based, but the wrong choice can have an impact on your sleep patterns, sleep quality, and overall comfort.


California King Mattress


The California King’s slimmer, longer build can be best utilized by taller users. Getting the right topper pairing will be what can make the difference with the right fit for your next mattress, as well as the right way to fit your bedroom. If you find yourself in a longer room rather than a wider room, floor space can be precious. This is where a California King’s length over width is optimally positioned. 


King Mattress


The width of a king mattress can often be the reason that a couple tables the idea of upgrading from a queen size. This is rarely due to lacking the financial budget, but instead a lack of floor space. To be able to effectively size a room to have a wardrobe, a standing mirror, side table, and other smaller furniture, an upgrade to a King may not be in the cards. Prior to looking at prices for either a California King or regular king, it’s advised to take measurement of the bedroom and decide whether or not then it would even be a good fit.