If you aren’t sleeping well, there’s a ton of factors that can contribute to poor sleeping habits. Here are some tips to be aware of these factors and how your mattress can impact those as well.


Screen time


Screen time will have a heavy impact on your sleeping habits every day. It’s best to leave at least an hour for yourself before bed of time without any screen activity. This will enforce good habits of letting the mind fully rest and preparing you for having more restful sleep. However, if you find yourself doing this and feel physically down, there may be other factors.


Sleeping positions and mattresses


If you sleep in a position that puts your body at stress points, it will impact the sense of restfulness your sleep has. Also, depending on how heavy of a sleeper you are, this may leave you waking up with aches and pains you can avoid.


However, your mattress may be at fault as well. Mattresses have necessary upkeep and minor maintenance in order to stay comfortable for the owner. Without this preparation, your sleep will be affected a great deal. You’ll initially begin noticing it with body pains, and then start feeling lumps and uneven resting on the mattress itself.


Get the right mattress today and give us a call. We’ll take your needs into account and find which mattress best suits your sleeping behaviors. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!