If you’ve had your current bed for a while and you are happy with it and it does its job at getting you through the night comfortably, but you think you may need a new box spring… then you’ve come to the right place. Box springs are an important component of a bed because they give your mattress a solid foundation and they bring the mattress up off the floor. Therefore, if you’re thinking you might need a new box spring for your bed so that it can continue to do its job, then we have some tips for you on signs to look for that your bed does indeed need a new box spring.


Signs that you need a new box spring

  • The fabric on the outside of the box spring is worn, stained, or torn
  • You notice that the inner springs do not bounce back like they used to
  • Your bed is always making loud squeaking noises whenever you move around
  • The bed looks like its starting to sag and you may notice a lack of support when you sleep
  • You can see damage to the surrounding steel
  • The box spring is more than 10 years old

We hope these signs help you to determine whether you need a new box spring for your bed. If you have any questions, please contact us!